About us

About us

Brede School Koekelberg

Mission and vision

The following five values and standards guide all our objectives, choices, actions and relationships with our partners (children, parents, associations and local residents etc.).
Within our Brede school the Dutch lanquage is central. By organising activities during and after school hours, we want to offer every child a lot of listening and speaking oppurtunities.

Involvement and well-being

'De vlotte babbel!' wants to be a Brede school:

- Where there is room for everyone (children, parents, associations, local residents, partners, teachers etc.) and where every contribution is appreciated.
- Where all children are given maximum oppurtunities to develop themselves in terms of talent and fun, social participation, preparation for the future, health and safety.
  We look at each child on the basis of his or her strengths and talents.
- Where the language development of each child is central to all activities.
- Where the different partners work closely together, are open to each other and learn from each other.