Helping with homework

Helping with homework

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As a parent, you can help your child with homework. Planning together, encouraging your child and checking that the homework went well helps your child to progress. You do not need to provide substantive help.

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STEP 1: Start by making good agreements
Choose a place together where your child can do homework without any distractions.
Empty the school bag. Look at the school diary together. Ask your child how his or her school day went and what homework he or she must do. You can talk about homework in your mother tongue.
Find out when it is best to do homework. It is important for your child to relax a little first, and to take intermittent breaks.

STEP 2: Give your child positive encouragement
Let your child do homework independently, but don’t stray too far. Encourage your child with little compliments: “You’re doing a great job!”
Is your child having trouble? With questions like “what is the assignment?” and “how did you do it in the classroom?” you can help your child to think about the teacher’s explanation. Giving the solution and correcting errors is not necessary.
Does homework make your child sad or afraid? Make sure to stay calm yourself. Would your child like to take a little break? Is it too difficult? Or too much? If it really isn’t going well, stopping is sometimes the best idea.

STEP 3: Check the results together
Encourage your child to review his or her homework and check that it is complete.
Is homework difficult for your child? Let the teacher know: write on the homework itself, in the school diary or speak to the teacher, care coordinator or counsellor.
All finished? Have your child prepare his or her school bag for the next day. Now it’s time (for you both) to relax for a moment!

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