About us

About us

Children and youngsters are growing up in an environment that is becoming more complex by the day. In Brussels, social challenges such as multilingualism, diversity, social inequality and poverty also come into play. This metropolitan reality makes that children and youngsters need a fair amount of competences to help shape their lives and environment.

To give them the competences they need, an integrated and coordinated collaboration between education, welfare, youth, sports, culture, care ... is needed. More and more schools, organisations and local authorities have, like you, become convinced of the power a Community School can have when it comes to giving children and youngsters a chance to reach their full potential.

The Community School wishes to give ALL children and youngsters maximum development OPPORTUNITIES by working on a broad LEARNING AND LIVING ENVIRONMENT within a NETWORK of organisations.

Brede School Molenbeek

Brede School Molenbeek (BroM) is a network of schools and partners (organizations, parents, volunteers) from different sectors (welfare, culture, sports, youth, health, etc.) that work together to improve the development opportunities of children and young people. Each partner commit in their own way to the development of children and young people and commit themselves within the Community School based on their expertise and possibilities. BroM acts as a link between the various partners and encourages meeting, exchange and cooperation.
BroM wants to increase the development opportunities of all children and young people who are or will be receiving Dutch-language education in Molenbeek or strengthening networks between all actors within the broad learning and living environment of these children and young people.
BroM strives for maximum development opportunities in various areas:
- talent development and pleasure
- safety
- health
- preparation for the future
- social participation


Brede School Koekelberg

Brede School Koekelberg is the Koekelberg Community School.