The Fanfakids are a group of youngsters (7-15 of age) from Brussels who transform their youthful energy in an explosive concoction of rhythms. Their groove is the metropolitan music mix they grew up with in popular neighbourhoods like Molenbeek and Les Marolles.

Together with professional musicians from production house MetX, they learn rhythms and other musical influences stemming from Africa, South-America and Europe. On their turn, the Fanfakids introduce other children into the wonderful world of percussion during workshops in collaboration with youth centres, schools and other partner organisations. Some of the kids also create their own rhythms during jam sessions.

More than 20 years after the Fanfakids have been created for the first edition of the Zinneke Parade in 2000, their track record is quite impressive: numerous concerts in France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Togo and Benin, plus exchange programs with youth drum and dance groups from Africa (Guinea, Ghana) and Europe (Prague, Rotterdam).

Their smiles and energy are always disarming. No wonder some call them international youth ambassadors for Brussels!

  • Vierwindenstraat 58, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
  • Bart Nagels