6 > 14 year
13:45 > 17:00

We meet 3 times a month, every Sunday except the 4th Sunday of the month, to play the best games and discover Brussels/Molenbeek in a playful way. Turn a boring Sunday into an incredible adventure! To the forest, to the city or simply in the classroom, we always make it a fun day. In the summer we also go on camp, where we live in nature for a whole week and do the craziest things. Besides having fun, we also learn a lot of things, such as lashing, a technique that allows us to build all kinds of things, such as tables, beds, flagpoles,...


Scouting Molenbeek, Rue Haeck 59, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean


From 6 to 13

  • Participation fee,
  • Sunday 05/09/2021 From 13:45 Till 17:00. Activity continues until 19/06/2022
  • Scouts
  • Molenbeek
  • Creative, Play and discover, Language and learning, Other sports, Others
  • €35

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