Chess, have you heard of it? Probably. A lot of people think that chess is very difficult, but it really isn't! With us you can learn to play chess in the morning on Saturday. Our coach teaches you the finest techniques. By the way, did you know that chess is also a sport? Yes, a thought sport! Ideal Saturday morning activity to start your weekend.


GC De Platoo
tel 02 412 00 50


From 8 to 12

  • Participation fee,
  • Saturday 16/01/2021 From 10:30 Till 12:30. Activity continues until 19/06/2021
  • Chess
  • Koekelberg
  • Play and discover, Language and learning, Others
  • € 95 € 28,5 (Paspartoe tegen kansentarief)

Registration is no longer possible

GC De Platoo

Municipality Koekelberg